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 The start date of the League is the 22nd October 2013 at 8.30pm at Hollywood Bargeddie, Glasgow/Coatbridge.
This will be a Money League. 3 Games. £11.00 per week.

Everyone is welcome to Join. Please contact John Smith by clicking here if you would like to join the league. 

Well done to John Hughes with the League Victory for Season 2011-2012.

The league is played at Hollywood Bowl Bargeddie, Glasgow.

Mitchell Cup 29th January 2012
Winner - Tariq Ashrif
Runner-up -John Kilpatrick

Gold Cup 2012
Winner - Tariq Ashrif

If you would like any information on the league please contact  John Smith by clicking here.


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Season 2012-2013
League will be Starting soon! Please register your interest on the link below! 
Please contact John Smith by clicking here if you would like to join the league.